My home mountain, with friends Bryan Fox and Scotty Whitlake. The Rascals is the name of their new movie. Awesome.

I used to work at the shitiest shop on Mt. Hood with Scotty Whitlake when he first moved back to Oregon from Tahoe. It was called New Release snowboard shop. Corey Smith worked there too. I think he may even have been the store manager. The guy who owned the shop was kind of a dick and didn’t even snowboard. It was the best job ever though because we only had to work in the afternoon so we could snowboard all day. I met people from HCSC while there and started digging to ride so I could access all the cool stuff at camp. Scotty used to poach HCSC’s park every day. He was kicked out so many times. He tried changing his sweatshirt, his sticker tech and eventually would just snake everyone, hit the big jump, stomp a frontside 7 or switch back 5 and keep riding so that he couldn’t get in trouble. Eventually he joined the dig crew and after an entire session of digging without riding, he was able to legitimately ride at camp.  I think that was in 1998.

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