Video Lookbooks That Don’t Suck

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 5.23.42 PM

I remember when Opening Ceremony started doing video lookbooks and I knew this would be the wave of the future. It was so exciting to suddenly see new fall collections come alive and for a brand to have an arsenal of story-telling tools at their disposal. Like all new things, brands (who are made up of people) faced this new world with a mixture of emotions. Some were afraid of this new world, and shied away from it. Others stuck to what they knew, creating glossy spreads on a video canvas, models coming to life in awkward posing montages. They discovered that a girl who can pose for a photo is not necessarily an actress, a dancer or a compelling persona on the video screen. The smart brands have employed film makers, music video directors or other experts, who are adept at creating a world on the moving screen.

I’m surprised how often this opportunity is overlooked. In a world that is increasingly video-driven, it’s a compelling medium and it’s something that people actually want to see, which can’t be said for very many advertising venues in today’s world.

Here is one video lookbook that doesn’t suck:

Mishka Fall 2013 via Highsnob.