Torah Bright 2014

There are very few snowboarders who can say they have an Olympic Gold Medal hanging in their home. Roxy’s Torah Bright took home the Gold in 2010, at the Vancouver Olympic Games. It was the kind of win that made snowboarders happy. Why? Because her run was technical. She held it together despite the pressure, challenging conditions, and the fact that everyone seemed to be falling that night. Torah also happens to be an incredibly nice person. She is the kind of girl who always has a smile on her face. Her genuine, down-to-earth attitude makes her an easy person to root for.

She is planning to the be first snowboarder in history to qualify for all three disciplines in the upcoming 2014 Olympics. Check out what she has to say about this monster goal and get ready to cheer her on in Sochi.


And here she is in 2010, in case you missed it.

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