Annie Boulanger: Full Part

There’s not much to say about Annie that hasn’t already been said. This hard-charging Canadian rider has earned her dues in the backcountry by riding with Whistler’s finest and the Absinthe crew up in AK. This year, Salomon Snowboards and Nike have helped her put out her full part online. In the past, this has paid off for riders like Desiree Melancon, who went on to win accolades at the Transworld Rider’s Poll Awards thanks to her online part. It also begs the question; What is happening to sponsors paying the girls way to get into the major videos that drop each fall? Is it a consequence of shrinking budgets or a shrewd play to get more views? You decide.

Either way, Annie’s part is one to watch.

May you have a happy Christmas, filled with powder sprays and good times.

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