7 Reasons to Support Full Moon on Kickstarter


Kickstarter campaigns come and go. They are easy to like when they pass through your Facebook feed, but when do you act and support a project? I, for one, needed to put my money where my mouth is and support the female snowboarders in Full Moon. Here are 7 reasons that you should too.

  1. The film will feature some of the best female pro snowboarders on the planet.
  2. This is the first time anyone, regardless of gender will take a look at the pioneers of women’s snowboarding with a desire to connect their legacy to the pros of today and tomorrow. If you admire what David Benedek did with his book on The Current State of Snowboarding, or recent interviews online with legends like Jamie Lynn, this is your opportunity to contribute to the documenting of our past, present and future from a new angle.
  3. Marketing budgets are at an all-time low. Most brands focus their dollars on the men’s market. Film budgets are getting stripped to make way for webisodes and shorter clips. This may be your last chance to support an actual film project that tells a story in more than 2-3 minutes and features female riders. The more people who support this project, the more it shows demand for this kind of content. Tell people you care by supporting Full Moon.
  4. The rewards are all time!!! Airblaster Ninja Suits, Heart Roasters Coffee, a lock of Olympic Gold Medalist, Jamie Anderson’s hair, custom snowboards; from crazy to practical there is something for everyone and the money goes to a great cause. 
  5. Jamie Anderson, Leanne Pelosi, Hana Beaman, Annie Boulanger, Helen Schettini, Marie France Roy, Robyn Van Gyn, Tara Dakides, Barrett Christy, Tina Basich and all of the riders featured in the film.                                                                                                                                               
  6. Our industry is in a slump. It feels good to be a part of something positive. It feels good to contribute to growth. It will make you happy!!
  7. These girls will deliver. Inspirational snowboarding, a great story, and a lesson for the history books. I’m in.




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