Project Detour Takes Me Exactly Where I Want To Go

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 1.09.15 PM

I have a weird perspective on snowboarding these days. I have nostalgia for those early days in the 90’s when the community was small, rebellious, inclusive and creative. I’ve worked in the snowboard industry since the age of 16. Retail, coaching, in-house at brands, I easily qualify for snowboard nerd status. At the same time, I left. I worked at the brand level at Vans and snowboarding became a small part of my vision. I became a mom and prioritized family. I married a skier.

It doesn’t make me love snowboarding any less. Yeah, I’m old and I’m only getting older. The desire to compete or become Pro has long since faded into a murky group of memories from my early 20’s, along with boys I shouldn’t have kissed and insecurities that needed to disappear for me to move forward. But I still love to snowboard with every once of my being. Every so often an edit comes along that taps into that part of me. I love the way this evokes that feeling. It’s not just chronicling hammers and accomplishments, it’s paying homage to the simple wonder of pow days, air time, and the arc of a turn. I love it.

What’s your favorite video this year? I’d love to hear what people are into and why you think it’s great.

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