Client: Roxy

Project: Roxy Bright Edition Ad Campaign 2011-2012

Need: Roxy needed to reach female consumers through both the core snowboard media and mainstream fashion/lifestyle media. They created a concept for their 2011-2012 ad campaign based on the ephemeral and fleeting feeling of being completely in the moment on a snowboard. They needed copy that would complement the imagery and speak to the Roxy consumer without alienating the core snowboarders.

Solution: I worked closely with Roxy Snow Brand Manager/Art Director Amber Stackhouse to create a lyrical copy solution that reads like a poem. I strove to capture a moment that is completely without words, a moment of heightened awareness that transforms those who experience it, using language indicative of the visual aspect of the shoot. The glitter/sparkle/darkness aspects of the photography needed to be mirrored by the copy.

Roxy Bright Edition Ad
Roxy Bright Edition Ad

We can only call it praise/ Bodies high in the air/ The moon in our pocket/ Shimmer, dear starlight, until you eclipse the darkness entirely/ The body is honest/ balance blending motion with stillness/ effort with ease/ until we hear music in our ears/ see diamonds at our feet.

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